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argument validity - 7 This premise is that the students at...

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2. The premises states that the rainfall was 23 inches this time and this could be possibly true or  possibly false because it states that is the average and nobody knows what it will be exactly. 3. The premises is that the car is stated to be old and has a bigger engine, so its going to burn  more gas. This is valid and the premises actually could be affecting that. 4. This conclusion could possibly be true because there is a 50/50 chance what will happen in  the race. When its up to the people to vote there is no way we can be for certain who will win. 6. This premise is that the numbers keep increasing every year for telephones, so I would say  that conclusion is true because of the fact that things don’t normally decrease, but the increase.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. This premise is that the students at Ivy League schools generally score higher, but it didn’t say always so the conclusion would be probably true or possibly false. 8. This premise is that Michael Jackson has had more surgeries than people in California and Connecticut, but that can’t be proven so the conclusion would be possibly true or possibly false. 10. This premise has to do with court laws, so they are valid. The conclusion would have to true beyond a reasonable doubt because if it’s in the laws there is no way that it can be false. 11. The premise is that the kid has been delivering the paper and never really missed a day. I would say the conclusion is true....
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