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Meet The Authors Transcripts - Axia College Material Meet...

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Axia College Material Meet the Authors Video Transcript What was your first year experience in college? John 04:25 My college experience initially was one that I would characterize by being lonely, homesick, very homesick, very young -- I was 17 -- immature. I don't know at what age men are ever as mature as women, but it certainly wasn't at 17. I had no declared major. I had no purpose for being in college other than my parents made me do it. I had left a girlfriend back home, and back home was 600 miles away. 05:00 I did not have college-level study habits. In summary, it was a prescription for disaster. Jerry 05:32 My first year of college was awful. I just decided right in the middle of my first year that I wasn't going to finish… 01:20 …I really had no goals, this was a long time ago, 01:30 and we didn't think in terms of goals then… Betsy 05:32 Well, my first-year experience when I went to Duke was an experience characterized by being pretty mediocre. I had come to Duke University out of a small high school in eastern North Carolina. I was a valedictorian there, but when I got to Duke, I was one of many valedictorians. So I had to discover a different sort of motivation for college, and I couldn't be motivated by always 06:00 being the best because that wasn't going to happen for me. But I left Duke after my sophomore year. I found a fellow and got married and left and was gone for 10 years. John
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Meet The Authors Transcripts - Axia College Material Meet...

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