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Unformatted text preview: "Avoiding Split Threads" "Splitting the Threads" is a term that means the unintended creation of an entirely new thread. It happens frequently when well-intentioned class members click on the incorrect Respond icon within e-College when they go to post. To avoid "splitting the thread," AVOID clicking on the "Respond" icon found ABOVE the words " Expand ALL. " This icon is used ONLY if you wish to begin a new related topic that is not in direct response to another posting within the discussion. Here's an example of this Instructor posting at the top of the thread. Pretend that it is the first posting at the beginning of the week when you log in. Please note the Respond icon that is above everything. Please AVOID using this Respond icon. + Respond + Expand ALL + Show ALL Sort by: Response | Author | Date | Read | Unread Responses Author Date &Time...
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This note was uploaded on 11/15/2010 for the course MM MM552 taught by Professor Vincentonline during the Summer '10 term at DeVry Denver.

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4-MM522_AVOIDING_SPLIT_THREADS_-_Guidelines -...

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