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Unformatted text preview: APA Checklist: Formatting & Punctuating In-Text Citations __Introducing Authors' Names and Titles: In APA style, author names are presented in the first initial with last name format, such as J. Cameron (for Julia Cameron). At the first mention, use the author's first initial and last name with the date of publication in parentheses just after the authors last name. Its also a good idea to mention the full title of the work the first time you mention it, to help acquaint readers with your source. After that, refer to the author by his/her last name. Do not use titles such as Dr., Mrs., or Mr. After the first mention, refer to the author by last name only. J. Cameron (2002) discussed the importance of a writer's attitude in her essay, "Let Yourself Listen." Cameron has written several books about writing, including The Artists Way . You may also mention the publication date in the sentence itself, such as in this example: In 2002, J. Cameron discussed the importance of a writers attitude in her essay, Let Yourself Listen. __Signal Phrases and Quotations: Never let a quote stand alone. Use signal phrases, such as She proved or He claims that to introduce a quote, and then explain its importance to your reader. Use past (e.g., Kim proved) or present perfect tense (e.g., Kim has proved) for past events and literature reviews. Use past to describe results (e.g., Stocks fell). Use present tense to discuss results and present conclusions (e.g., the outcomes show). __Parenthetical Information: Make sure you have the right information in parentheses at the end of your quoted passage. If the author is named in a signal phrase, put the date and page number in parentheses, followed by a period. In her essay, Witches, Atwood rebuffed her critics: I would like to give gratis , a years subscription, to the next literary critic who accuses my work of being unduly pessimistic (2001, p. 59)....
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APA_In_Text_Citations_Checklist - APA Checklist: Formatting...

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