E skill requirements in some occupations have d

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Unformatted text preview: rol workers rather than a tool to enhance a job” (198). e skill requirements in some occupations have d ecreased, they have increased in others. h possibly offsetting one another, workers’ cogn itive and int teractive skills seem to have upward. One aspect of organizational structur e that may strongly affect workers’ skill r the distribution of power (202): When there is a sharp division between managers i and workers, and when workers are viewed as hostile and unreliable, they will be treated as replaceable parts. Their skill level will be low and they will be controlled by centralized supervision and machine-paced work processes. Page 2 of 2 In contrast, when a more egalitarian order prev ails, technologies that require the initiative and c ommitment of workers are more likely to be s elected, and workers will be given a chance to develop their skills and take their places as v alued members of the organization....
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