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Unformatted text preview: inning factory in the U.S. (77). Many of America’s greatest technological achievements were produced by immigrant scientists, inventors, and engineers (77): SCIENTIST/INVENTOR/ENGINEER FROM: ACHIEVEMENT Leo Baekeland Belgium Invented Bakelite — one of the first plastics. Charles Steinmetz Germany Mathematical and engineering work was essential to development of the American electrical industry. Theodore von Karman Hungary Instrumental in early development of aerodynamics. Vladimir Zworykin Russia Invented television camera. Heavy reliance on foreign technologies is also evident in the development of Japan, another great 20th C. technological colossus (77). A successful user of imported technologies must have a reasonably high level of indigenous capability. One study found that countries most successful in using foreign technologies tended to be the ones with high levels of indigenous research and development. Also significant is that countries with the highest innovation rate make the quickest use of technologies developed elsewhere (79). A process of “fine tuning” takes place as the technology is transferred from one place to another; many successfully diffused technologies succeed only because of modifications and improvements that were made during the process of diffusion. Examples: Gunpowder in Europe, ring-spinning machines in Japan, steam railroad in U.S. (80-81). Read A Japanese Example (81-82). Page 1 of 2 SOCIOLOGY 415: Technology and Society University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa , Fall 2010 Poor countries have large, growing populations that mak e the creation of jobs one of their prime needs. Unfortunately, many of the technologies develop ed in economically advanced nations p o have been designed to sa...
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