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Unformatted text preview: actical me dical problems. Read about the steam injector and the laser in How Technology Stimulates Sci entific Discovery (63-64). Technological development plays a vital role in scientific advance by supplying devices and instruments that are essential for scientific inquiry. Examples: The Hubble space telescope has given new insights into age and size of the universe and its creation; magnetic resonance imaging has played key role in rapid development of neu roscience, the study of the brain and how it functions (65). Most areas of scientific inquiry have become increasingl y expensive propositions; without the promise of any eventual payback through technological applications, many research programs would die for lack of funding and other sources of suppo rt. However, willingness of government agencies to grant money for scientific research and of ci tizens to have their taxes used in this manner is indicative of a widespread belief in the legitim acy of scientific research (66). Characteristics that science and technology have in common: (i) based on gathering of knowledge, and (ii) advance through cumulative development of that knowledge. Isaac Newton is reputed to have said that he could see farther because he stood on the shoulders of giants — that is, his scientific discoveries were based on knowledge produced by earlier scientists (67). More generally, science and technology have been nourished by a supportive culture at least since the early Industrial Revolution. In the shared culture of modern science and modern technology, development of both requires intuitive and other non-rational modes of thought, and rationality is essential to the general methodology of science and technology (68). Nevertheless, neither can be properly characterized as t...
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