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Unformatted text preview: lectrical lines…metering devices. By itself, light bulb was useless (5). For the support of a technological system, in addition to changes in tools, techniques, and organizational structures, many social, psychological, economic, and political adjustments may be needed (6). Goals achieved through use of a technology do not have to be “practical” ones. Some have been developed simply for the challenge of solving technological problems (e.g., manned spacecraft explorations). Some have a dual nature, serving a practical purpose also (e.g., automobile). Appeal is in the sophisticated technologies as much as in the purposes they serve (7). Development of technology – dynamic, cumulative process. One advance paves the way for another. Provides knowledge base for next stage of development (7). Page 1 of 2 SOCIOLOGY 415: Technology and Society University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Fall 2010 That a society is able to develop and make use of advanced technologies does not guarantee it will be equally advanced in other areas (9). Example: Nazi Germany had many technological achievements, but its ideology and treatment of people was barbaric. On the other hand, many technologically primitive peoples have exhibited a high level of sophistication in their artistic creations, religious beliefs, and social relationships (11). During late 18th C., the feedback principle offered a suggestive metaphor for the working of the economic system — instead of being guided by a centralized authority, an economy might best be organized through operation of a self-regulating market, with the actions of indep...
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