Weber stated that the world defined by rational

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Unformatted text preview: are any forces incapable of withstanding logical and empirical scrutiny. Weber stated that the world defined by rational thought processes had become “disenchanted” — it had lost the sense of awe, commitment, and loyalty that is a necessary part of a meaningful existence (14). Relationship of gender and technology — masculine v. feminine (see p.15). The application of rationality for the solution of human problems is both the consequence and the cause of optimism and a willingness to accept constant change (16). Distrust flourishes when people have no ability to participate in decisions that shape their lives, and the inability to affect the course of technological change can produce a mixture of naïve hope and paranoid reaction (16). A realistic sense of control, including a sense of having some control over technology, is essential for an individual’s mental health. Widespread participation in shaping of technology — essential for democracy (16). Crucial to determine if technology’s benefits justify its cost. In truly democratic society, decisions will be made with as much citizen participation as possible (16). Page 2 of 2...
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