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S OCIOLOGY 415: Technology and Society University of Hawai‘i at M ā noa, Fall 2010 Page 1 of 2 Textbook: Volti, Rudi. 2009. Society and Technological Change . 6th edition. Worth Publishers Inc. REVIEW CHAPTER 1: THE NATURE OF TECHNOLOGY Recent technological developments have presented us with: Technologies developed and applied — so we can do things otherwise not possible or do them cheaper, faster, and easier. Sets humans apart from other creatures (4). Humankind compensates for its innate physical weakness with an intelligence that is the ultimate source of technology (4). Beyond the tools and techniques that allowed the physical survival of the human species is the element of organization . Organization — development, production, employment of particular technologies require group effort. Energies and skills of many individuals combined and coordinated through a system of organization (4-5). System — when technology is seen as combination of devices, skills, and organizational structures. Individual technology operates effectively when it is supported by other elements that are systematically interconnected. Example : Thomas Edison needed development of complete system: light bulb…serviceable filament…vacuum pump that evacuated interior of light bulb…electric generator…electrical lines…metering devices. By itself, light bulb was useless (5).
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  • Sociology, Recent technological developments, innate physical weakness, light bulb…serviceable filament…vacuum, bulb…electric generator…electrical lines…metering, technologically progressive society

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