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SOC 313: Survey of Sociology of Work Monday, 15 November 2010 1 SURVEY OF SOCIOLOGY OF WORK soc 313 Instructor : Q UINCY E DWARDS Most important… Do take ownership of your education in this class by completing all reading and writing assignments on time and participating in on line discussions. Read each of the assigned textbook chapters before viewing the supplemental Powerpoint presentations. Laulima is the University of Hawai‘i on line course management system. Links to the discussion board and other salient features are provided at: https://laulima.hawaii.edu/ SOC 313: SURVEY OF SOCIOLOGY OF WORK Online Fall 2010 Instructor: Quincy Edwards PART IV OCCUPATIONS AND PROFESSIONS THE SOCIAL ORGANIZATION OF WORK (4 TH ED.) CHAPTER 14 Marginal Jobs …and other readings Marginal Jobs Workers in marginal jobs may find themselves in peripheral parts of the occupational structure. Interaction of advanced industrial countries with the world’s developing countries also will play an important role in the balance of marginal versus good jobs.
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SOC 313: Survey of Sociology of Work Monday, 15 November 2010 2 Chapter Outline… What is a Marginal Job? How Do Jobs Become Marginal? EmployersWho Marginalize Jobs Unemployment Why are SomeWorkersConsidered Marginal? MarginalWorkers and SocialClass The Future of Marginal Jobs What is a Marginal Job?… Considered undesirable— boring, low paid, intermittent, dead end, lack autonomy. Workers in marginal jobs— often hardworking, capable, unable to find better jobs. What is a Marginal Job? What is a Marginal Job?… Four important norms commonly apply to jobs: 1. Job content should be legal. 2. Job should be institutionally regular. 3. Job should be relatively stable. 4. Job should provide adequate pay with sufficient hours of work every week to make a living. Marginal jobs depart significantly from one or more of these employment norms. ( Note subjective evaluation involved in identifying marginal work—two people might disagree on whether a wage level is sufficient to provide an adequate level of living .) What is a Marginal Job?… ILLEGAL OR MORALLY SUSPECT OCCUPATIONS Content of work—socially defined as improper, immoral, or illegal. Deviant occupations—drug pushers, pimps, prostitutes, criminal behavior (production and distribution of illegal goods or services). Definition of deviant occupation varies and may change with time and place: For example: During Prohibition legislators defined as deviant—people who produced and sold alcoholic beverages—illegal.Today, although regulated by federal and state law—legal. Some occupations (prostitution, paying professional poker)—legal in some geographic areas, but not in others.
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