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Unformatted text preview: ean markets. 21st Century Labor Unions… ORGANIZING (CONTINUED) Increased Company Resistance • Union memberships declined. • Estimated 75% of employers who experience union organizing drives hire anti‐union consultants to orchestrate efforts to avoid unionization. • Evidence suggests union workers are more productive than non‐union workers: Better training programs Lower turnover Greater tenure Increased commitment to job More professional management in unionized firms. • Reduces firms’ profit rate 18% — Union workers expect higher pay for more skilled labor. • Eliminating unions can undermine productivity over the long run. 9 SOC 313: Survey of Sociology of Work 21st Century Labor Unions… ORGANIZING (CONTINUED) — Increased Company Resistance (Canada) Wal‐Mart Suppresses Workers' Democratic Right to Choose a Union Wal‐Mart has always said that it is not anti‐union, but rather its workers do not want a union. Workers tell a different story‐‐that Wal‐Mart intimidates, coerces and harasses employees to prevent...
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