Inadequatewagesandbenefits worktoorapidlypaced

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Unformatted text preview: 010 Why Do People Need Labor Organizations? To bargain collectively over specific grievances: Why Do People Need Labor Organizations? Why Do People Need Labor Organizations? • Inadequate wages and benefits. • Work too rapidly paced. • Unfair retention and promotion practices. • Exclusion from decision‐making. Why Do People Need Labor Organizations? UNION MEMBERSHIP THESE WORKERS ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE UNION WORKERS THAN… Workers in transportation, government, manufacturing, mining, construction UNION MEMBERSHIP (CONTINUED) • Unions’ most important mechanism — workers air THESE WORKERS grievances and make demands. Workers in trade and services. Manual workers Other workers Workers 25 yrs. and over Younger workers Men • Unions impact work in modern society far beyond their Women Black workers National Education Association (NEA) Part‐time workers Why Do People Need Labor Organizations? — Over two million members. International Brotherhood of Teamsters Whites, Hispanics, Asians Full‐time workers own membershi...
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