Koreanunions areknownfornot

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Unformatted text preview: nizing Low‐Wage Workers • U.S. fast becoming a two‐tier society. WELL‐PAID JOBS, BENEFITS Unions exert political power by registering voters (especially low‐income, working‐class). • Unions lobby for legislation favorable to workers. POOR WAGES, NO BENEFITS • Greater success in coalitions with other groups (public education, anti‐poverty legislation, civil rights, voting rights, health insurance, public housing, and occupational safety and health.) • Unions — important advances in organizing low‐wage workers. Future of organized labor may rest on success of organizing drives among low‐wage service workers in: Healthcare industry. • Supports laws that promote full employment through tax incentives, public works programs, etc. Fast‐food industry Recreation, healthcare, and related industries. 21st Century Labor Unions… INNOVATIVE ORGANIZING AND BARGAINING STRATEGIES Corporate campaign expands union activity outside workplace by targeting financial backers of company, consu...
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