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Unformatted text preview: CT of 1890: Workers could be found guilty of monopolistic practices if they attempted to bargain wages through collectively withholding their labor. CLAYTON ACT of 1914: Monday, 20 September 2010 Explicitly exempted labor unions from prosecution under Sherman Antitrust Act. • Oldest existing labor organization in North America. • Organized as decentralized federation of unions — each member union autonomous own affairs. • AFL — umbrella organization — coordination, support , and pursuit of workers’ general interests at regional and national levels. • Emphasized collective bargaining by each trade on specific issues rather than general and mass strikes over broader issues. Thus, AFL as pressure group, could pursue goals of political and social change. NORRIS‐LAGUARDIA ACT of 1932: Limited and regulated use of injunctions in labor disputes. Outline of North American Labor History… Outline of North American Labor History… THE CIO AND INDUSTRIAL UNIONISM THE AFL AND CRAFT UNIONISM • Great...
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