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Unformatted text preview: Depression of 1930s — Employment over 25%. • Dissent within AFL — Inclusion of skilled vs. unskilled workers. • In 1935, United Mine Workers (UMW) and eight unions formed the: CONGRESS OF INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATIONS (CIO) to include all workers in industry regardless of their craft or skill level. Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters charter application, 1936. The BSCP was the first all‐black union to receive AFL international charter. PAT FAGAN, UMW DISTRICT 5 LEADER, ADDRESSING GATHERING OF MINERS (1930S). Outline of North American Labor History… THE CIO AND INDUSTRIAL UNIONISM (CONTINUED) Sit‐down Strikes in Mass Production • A new form of collective action developed by mass‐production workers. • Staged as protests against speed‐ups of specific abuses by foremen (unfair firings or disciplinary actions). • Of short duration — a few minutes to a few hours — enough to disrupt production. • Also used to pressure company to recognize and bargain with union. • Pre...
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