Nowpoliceuse spraycanstomark protesters likeanimals

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Unformatted text preview: economic organizations to include recognition and support for workers’ rights as prerequisite for opening markets to foreign goods. 10 SOC 313: Survey of Sociology of Work Monday, 20 September 2010 21st Century Labor Unions… 10 March 2006 Leading retailers among the culprits: Korean trade unions step up their fight against employer abuse of temporary and outsourced workers. The militant and strong South Korean trade union movement is stepping up its fight against a widespread abuse of temporary work and time limited contracts. KCTU, the country's largest union confederation, has called a general strike for next month. This comes in response to proposed legislation, which would give employers a free hand to employ as many workers as they want on time limited contracts of up to two years. After this, they could be fired and substituted by new employees. From Korea… 21st Century Labor Unions… 27 June 2006 A few months ago, Korean commercial workers staged a demonstration protesting against Wal...
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