Onceagainthe target isthe trade unions

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Unformatted text preview: mers, and public. • Public boycotts of a company. • Unions may target principal banks lending money to a company, and close their union bank accounts (including large retirement accounts). Bank may then pressure company to act more responsibly toward its employees. • New hybrid organizational forms developing. (For example, a voluntary association of Wal‐Mart employees has pressured the state of Florida to protect their interests.) 21st Century Labor Unions… TRANSNATIONAL STRATEGIES • Production of goods and services increasingly international while unions’ organizing, bargaining, and lobbying activities remain national. • Corporations able to move facilities and resources overseas at will. • Developing strategies: 1. Unions in industrialized nations, increasing their support for unions in developing nations. 2. Unions pressure own governments to place restrictions on imported goods from nations that violate basic worker rights. Argue that such standards are essential as basis for fair trade. • Unions continue to pressure world...
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