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Unformatted text preview: ince 1995. Freedom from this kind of abuse, favoritism, and lack of security on the job is at the heart of the Teamsters strike to win a union contract. Richard Merritt in Atlanta, who has worked for Overnite 22 years, put it this way: "You can't just give dictatorial power to the boss, which is what having no union means." 2 SOC 313: Survey of Sociology of Work Monday, 20 September 2010 Outline of North American Labor History… LOCAL CRAFT UNIONS An Outline of North American Labor History Outline of North American Labor History… WORKERS’ POLITICAL PARTIES • In 1790s, skilled workers formed earliest unions in U.S. • Drew membership from one trade and one local area. • Primary goal—higher wages and economic security: Benefits: Accident and sickness relief and aid to widows and orphaned children. Social functions: Providing meeting rooms for literacy classes, social gatherings. Outline of North American Labor History… EARLY NATIONAL UNIONS • In 1820s, workers organized around...
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