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Unformatted text preview: ainst union Overnite bosses have bitterly resisted workers' efforts to win union contracts, and have waged unsuccessful campaigns to decertify the union at 12 terminals. The union has filed more than 1,000 unfair labor practice charges against the company since 1994, and has won several National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rulings ordering the employers to bargain for a contract. The NLRB found that Overnite had withheld pay increases from workers who joined the union, laid off workers and closed terminals to block union organizing drives, and carried out harassment, discrimination, and surveillance against workers backing the union. The day after the strike began, Dale Watson, who was recently fired as trucking operations manager in Overnite's Memphis terminal, confirmed many union charges against the company. Watson reported that the company's antiunion campaign included a "hit list" of union supporters to harass and intimidate, and that he had followed orders from above to help fire 40 pro‐ union workers s...
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