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Unformatted text preview: Mart's anti‐worker and anti‐union policies. Pressing down wages and employment conditions is in fact a central feature of walmartization. There is also a clear link to the attempts to give employers a free hand to use as many employees as they want on time limited contracts, creating a labour market where workers rotate between workplaces, without ever reaching the security that only regular employment can give. 21st Century Labor Unions… 7 July 2006 E.land workers' struggle and George W. Bush visit used by Korean government: Wal‐Mart leaves Korea – never a success story Union leaders are jailed and heavy handed police repression on the streets is encouraged. Wal‐Mart will leave South Korea, after years of fruitless efforts to take a place among the country's top supermarket retailers.The company's decision comes onl...
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