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Unformatted text preview: eluctant to strike — fears that management will permanently move their jobs elsewhere. • Forces unions to look for alternatives to strikes (political lobbying, worker ownership). union plants to help undercut union organizing efforts at their plants. 21st Century Labor Unions… COLLECTIVE BARGAINING (CONTINUED) Promoting Safety and Health Union priorities: • Results from increased use of hazardous chemicals at workplace , and increased public awareness of health issues. • Strongly support right‐to‐know legislation — labeling of chemicals at the workplace. • Also support more stringent limits on industrial chemicals proven to be hazardous; increased information and education for workers on workplace hazards • Developing programs to limit hazards of video display terminals in workplace, and associated joint problems from prolonged sitting and repetitive wrist movements. 21st Century Labor Unions… COLLECTIVE BARGAINING (CONTINUED) A Broader Role in the Manufacturing Sector Goals focus on: • Increasing participation of workers in managing work and setting organizational goals. • Programs to help workers learn skills needed to make most efficient use of new technologies. • Daily meetings of senior union representativ...
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