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Unformatted text preview: es and plant management about operation of plans; active role for thousands of teams of workers and supervisors trying to increase efficiency at every level of operation. • Improving quality of work life and improving product quality. 8 SOC 313: Survey of Sociology of Work 21st Century Labor Unions… COLLECTIVE BARGAINING (CONTINUED) A Broader Role in the Manufacturing Sector (continued) Concerns for job security: • Anti‐union strategies by top management of large corporations — Move plants to regions of country less hospitable to unions, or overseas to avoid unions. • Increased productivity and increased quality — Essential for long‐term survival of high‐paying manufacturing jobs in U.S. • Worker ownership is increasingly common strategy — Common in U.S. and throughout world as workers confront plant closures and other forms of disinvestment. 21st Century Labor Unions… ORGANIZING Running Fast to Stay in Place Monday, 20 September 2010 21st Century Labor Unions… COL...
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