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Kaitlyn Krofchick Instructor Catherine Reynolds ENG 111.01 26 October 2010 Changes in Marriage There are mixed opinions as to whether people should marry early in adulthood or later in life. Living together and attaining educations before making a marital commitment do not necessarily help the marriage; the value of marriage as a whole may, in fact, be weakened. “The State Of Our Unions” written by David Popenoe and Barbara Dafoe Whitehead discusses marriage trends of past and present. This article addresses trends in living cohabitation, divorce, and marriage-age statistics that produce both positive and negative outcomes. In the article “American Marriage in Transition,” Andrew J. Cherlin discusses the significance of how marriage is viewed by society over time and the transitions from one time period to another. These two articles give evidence for one to take into consideration when deciding what state of adulthood will result in a well-maintained marriage. Many people today find that living together with a potential marriage mate will smooth the process of transition from single life to married life, cohabitation being a norm among many Americans today. In times past, living together was a privilege that only marriage could give to a relationship. Since cohabitation is largely accepted today, it is worth noting that having children outside of marriage has become less denounced (Cherlin 426). It seems as though
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Kaitlyn_argumentsyn[1][1] - Kaitlyn Krofchick Instructor...

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