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Statistics—MATH302 Midterm Examination INSTRUCTIONS : This is an open-book and open note examination. You may use your textbook, notes, your computer and a calculator during the examination. However, you are not to consult—in any manner--with anyone while you complete this examination. Absolutely no collaboration is permitted on this examination. This examination consists of this cover sheet and 4 consecutively numbered pages. There are 20 questions. Each question on this exam has the same weight—five points—and this examination will count as 20% of your final grade for the course. AFTER you have answered all of the questions posed in this examination, you are to upload your answers into the Midterm Exam Shell in the Exams section of our online course. DO NOT access the Midterm Exam Shell until AFTER you have formulated your answers to all of the questions on this examination. Remember, you will be able to access the Midterm Exam Shell only once. You must enter your answers into the Midterm Exam Shell in the Exams section of our course by 11:59PM Eastern Time on the due date noted in the course calendar and in the Announcements section of our online course. No late submissions will be accepted.
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The table below contains data on the percentage of people without health insurance coverage. These data are based on samples taken in 2004 for the fifty states and the District of Columbia. These data are also available in the Excel workbook MATH302_Midterm, which can be found in the Midterm Examination Folder in the Course Materials section of the MATH302 classroom. State State State Alabama 13.5 Kentucky 14.6 North Dakota 8.3 Alaska 12.5 Louisiana 20.5 Ohio 11.9 Arizona 20.4 Maine 13.5 Oklahoma 19.2 Arkansas 17.9 Maryland 15.3 Oregon 12.5 California 20.6 Massachusetts 11.1 Pennsylvania 9.9 Colorado 14.8 Michigan 9.7 Rhode Island 12.9 Connecticut 8.8 Minnesota 8.0 South Carolina 14.6 Delaware 15.7 Mississippi 19.7 South Dakota 9.4 District of Columbia 17.3 Missouri 14.6 Tennessee 14.8 Florida 18.3 Montana 12.7 Texas 24.5 Georgia 17.9 Nebraska 9.0 Utah 11.7 Hawaii 8.9 Nevada 18.7 Vermont 13.2 Idaho 14.0 New Hampshire 10.0 Virginia 13.5 Illinois 11.0 New Jersey 14.2 Washington 12.4 Indiana 12.6 New Mexico 25.6 West Virginia 15.3 Iowa 11.3 New York 15.2
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MATH302_MidtermExam - StatisticsMATH302 Midterm Examination...

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