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1315 001 Fall 2010 FALL 2010 PSYCHOLOGY 1315-001 LIFE SCIENCE 122 Required Textbook: “The Science of Psychology" by Laura A. King, 1st edition McGraw Hill (study guide optional, but recommended). The text is also available as an e-book at http://www.coursesmart.com or http://textbooks.vitalsource.com. Supplementary course materials are provided at www.mhhe.com/king1. Course Description: The course is a general survey of the various areas of psychology and is intended to provide a scientific basis for understanding thoughts, emotions, and behavior. The course is designed to interest and meet the needs of both majors and non-majors. Course Learning Goals and Objectives: Instructional goals are directed toward enabling students to recognize and recall basic facts and describe major concepts and terminology in all fields of psychology. Instructional materials will be provided through the assigned textbook, lecture presentations, and on a class-related web site. Mastery of these goals will be assessed via exams with questions that focus on each of the above knowledge skills. Attendance: Attendance is vital to your grasping the content of the course. We are going to be covering a wealth of information in this course and it has been shown that students who regularly attend class perform better on the exams. Therefore, I expect that you will regularly attend class. If you are not present it is your responsibility to find out what you missed from a class mate, I will not repeat material outside of class times. I will take attendance randomly 5 times throughout the semester and if you have all 5 points I will add them to your final test grade. Examinations: There will be four (4) exams. The exams will cover lectures, videos and assigned textbook readings. A student arriving late after the scheduled class start time, on an exam date, will NOT be allowed to take the exam after the first completed exam is turned in. Course Evaluation & Final Grade: The course grade will be based on the mean of the three highest exam grades . If you miss an exam and do not have a University approved excuse for doing so, this will be the grade that is dropped from the final average. The grade for each exam will be the percentage correct of exam questions.
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