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Unformatted text preview: Summary Norman E. Bowie addresses the issue concerning the responsibility of business as related to the environment. In Bowie’s thesis he states that business “…have a moral obligation to avoid intervening in the political arena in order to defeat or weaken environmental legislation” (516). Bowie explains that business can have a negative effect on the environment by doing things like dumping hazardous waste into lakes. Bowie considers that although this may be looked at by some as being morally ok, the real moral issue is addressed when you take into consideration other factors for example In this case, those people and animals who may swim in the lake and the negative effects this may have on their health. In order for something to become a moral obligation, four truths must hold: capability, need, proximity and last resort. Bowie also takes into account that harm is sometimes avoidable by choice. For example, the automobile is in many ways dangerous, but it is stated that, “As long as choice....
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