Recrysltallization - filtration phase. About 50% was...

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Darren Nathan – 260278370 30-09-2007 Recrystallization- Lab 1 The purpose of the experiment is to learn important technique used in by organic chemist. Recrystallization is important technique to purify an impure solid. Results: Material Weight(g) Melting Point ( c) Impure Phthalic Acid 1.00g 203 Recrystallized Phthalic Acid 0.47g 201 % Yield = 0.47g X 100 = 47% 1.00g Discussion: A very low % yield was obtained from the experiment due to an accident which occurred during the procedure of recrystallization. The solution was split during the vacuum
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Unformatted text preview: filtration phase. About 50% was unfortunately lost by the spill. This is clearly one major factor which contributed to the low % yield. The accident also eliminated the ability of identifying other sources of error. Another reason for lower yiled could be associated with vacuum filtration where we noticed there was loss of pure crystal phthalic acid in the solution after repeating. The filter cake was also not big enoght since crystal was lost on the edge of the filter cake....
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Recrysltallization - filtration phase. About 50% was...

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