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Solvent%20Extraction%20II%20Lab - D ISCLAI MER What follow...

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DISCLAIMER: What follow is word for word (there may be typos) from the THIRD EDITION of Mayo, (I couldn’t find the 4 th edition), but from what we all know about textbooks, I’m sure they didn’t change much. However, my lab is today (Tuesday October 9) so I’ll post up on webCT if there are any discrepancies between this one and the one in the 4 th edition. For those who already HAVE a copy of the 4 th edition, PLEASE post up the differences as you see them. Furthermore, there are changes to the procedure located in the lab manual. They are as follows: 1. The quantities of all the chemicals and solvents should be doubled. 2. Instead of Centrifuge tube use 50 mL separatory funnel. 3. Gentle shaking of the solids in the separatory funnel will help dissolve them. 4. Instead of Pasteur pipet filtration do a vacuum filtration using a small Buchner funnel. 5. Wash the basic component 3 or 4 times with 4 mL 3 M HCl. 6. The basic component should be kept in an ice bath for 20-25 minutes. 7. During the Isolation of Benzoic Acid it is not necessary to add sat. aqueous solution of Sodium Chloride. 8. Instead of using stream of nitrogen, use a low stream of air. Finally, I’m sick and tired of ridiculous academic competition. We’re all in this together. If you have an awesome understanding of a certain academic concept, share it. If you know a hint of what’s on the midterm, tell everyone you know. If someone’s struggling, help them. There’s no treasure at the end of privatized knowledge – and as students that surely is relevant. Besides, the world needs more doctors than it does people who step upon one another. So as a voluntary
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compensation for using this lab type-up, please do something nice for someone today. =) Thanks. Solvent Extraction II: A Three Component Mixture; An Example of the Separation of an Acid, a Base, and a Neutral Substance. Purpose To investigate how solvent extraction techniques can be applied effectively to problems that require the separation of mixtures of organic acids, bases, and neutral compounds in the research or industrial laboratory.
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Solvent%20Extraction%20II%20Lab - D ISCLAI MER What follow...

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