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Discussion: Temperature Calibration curves were created from the data obtained for the Thermistor, RTD and Thermocouple. For the Thermistor the calibration curve was y=1.553x – 3.986, RTD y=0.399x + 99.62, Thermocouple y=0.032x + 0.451, these equation allow us to determine the temperature at any resistance/voltage reading. We found the temperature of the samples of ice water, boiling water, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen to be 0 c, 100 c, -78.4 c, -196 c respectively. Through observation and analyzing the data we determined that the best device was the thermocouple due to its accuracy and excellent sensitivity. The response time of the thermocouple was almost instant making it most sensitive in comparison to the other devices. After repeating the experiment twice we found the thermocouple also to be the most accurate. The data obtained from the response of the thermocouple in the four conditions allowed us to plot transformed time-temperature data in linear fashion to obtain ( ). We calculated τ τ from the equation obtained in the linearization of the graphs. The time constant from ICE-to-HOT = 3.55, τ ICE-to-AIR = -14.3,
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Discussion (Autosaved) - D iscussion Temperatu re...

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