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Darren Nathan 260278370 Pseudo codes Input Data of resistance reading taken from thermal flow meter, which contains distortion. The distortion must be filtered to analyze data. Filter the distorted resistance using a 3 point average. Create a calibration curve in excel using data given. Using the calibration curve equation y = 5.1981x + 1.7762, change the resistance data of the filtered and unfiltered resistance into temperature. Plot a graph of temperature vs. time of the filtered and unfiltered temperatures. The graph of the filtered temperature shows the fluctuation in the temperature, which is proportional to the fluctuation in the flow rate. This allows us to determine the flow rate of the control valve to maintain a constant flow. Find the mass flow rate using the temperature reading taken from the thermal
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Unformatted text preview: flow meter. Using the equation T C R i m p = 2 , where i=2.5amps and r =1 k and the Cp = 4.1813 J/gK. This equation yields a constant 89.695 which can be used to find the mass flow rate from the T data obtained. Find amount of flow need from control valve which is 1- (mass flow rate of pipe), to maintain flow rate of 10 kg/ min. Change the mass flow rate into the percentage of how much the contol valve needs to be opened. Also found the percentage of mass flow rate in pipe and total percentage to ensure 100%. Output display on front panel the opening percentage of the control valve which supplements the flow rate of the pipe to maintain a constant flow of 10 kg/min. Also display the current percentage of the flow rate in the pipe and saftery to ensure it total is 100%....
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