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I NSTRUMENTAL M EASUREMENTS L ABORATORY CHEE291 Department of Chemical Engineering McGill University Temperature and Pressure Measurements Laboratory – 2007 TA for the Lab is: Rujira Jitrwung Wong 6170 Laboratory Hours & Location: 13:30 – 16:30, 1170 M. H. Wong General instructions for the report: In your report, clearly explain your experimental approach: draw a diagram of the setup you used; write down the equations and numerical values for all parameters used; report the measurements; detail your experimental activities and principal observations. Section A Temperature (1.5 hr) The two objectives of this laboratory session are: 1) To prepare calibration curves for a copper-constantan thermocouple (mV reading), a thermistor (resistance reading), and a platinum resistance thermometer (RTD, resistance reading) using the following standard baths: a) liquid nitrogen b) dry ice c) ice-water d) boiling water Do not insert the THERMISTOR in LIQUID NITROGEN 2) To determine the time constant of a thermocouple in air and water. FIRST: Make a copper-constantan (type T) thermocouple with a reference junction using the thermocouple welder. You will use this thermocouple for both measurement series (calibration and response time). Specific tasks 1. Calibration i) Set up the measurement devices and measure the output of each for the various baths. You have access to a digital voltmeter/ohmmeter for the measurement of the voltages and
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