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Model No.: GP503449L98R The information (subject to change without prior notice) contained in this document is for reference only and should not be used as a basis for product guarantee or warranty. For applications other than those described here, please consult your nearest GP Sales and Marketing Office or Distributors. For detail information, please refer to the relevant product specification. Type : Rechargeable Lithium Ion Prismatic Cell Nominal Dimension (without label/sleeve) : Width = max. 34.0 mm Height = max. 49.4 mm Thickness (shipment) = 5.4 mm * Thickness (after 300 th cycle) = 5.7 mm Applications : Recommended discharge current 196 to 1960 mA Nominal Voltage : 3.7 V Capacity : Typical: 980 mAh Minimum: 950 mAh When discharged at 490 mA to 2.8 V at 20 o C Charging Condition : 784 mA to 4.2 V for 2.5 hrs at 20 o C Recommended Charging Condition in Applications : 784 mA to 980 mA (0.8 to 1C) Charge termination control recommended control parameters: Taper current 0.05C at 4.2 V Clamped Charging Voltage : 4.2 V +/- 0.05 V Service Life : 300 cycles (80% of typical capacity) Weight : Approx. 19 g
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