specs - Lithium Photocell Batteries Charging time (seconds)...

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Unformatted text preview: Lithium Photocell Batteries Charging time (seconds) Number of consecutive flashes 10 8 6 4 2 50 100 150 T M Suddenly, your camera becomes 50% more powerful Camera technology and Panasonic technology unite to initiate a new plateau in the art and science of photography. Its no wonder that six our of ten cameras are shipped from the manufacturer with our Lithium batteries. New Panasonic RapidFlash Lithium batteries take the waiting out of flash photography. As the electronic “heart” of the camera, they deliver the long-lasting, quick recovery performance consumers have been thirsting for. Constantly demanding, and receiving, sharper and faster lenses, and ease of operation, consumers have long lamented the fact that their camera couldn’t keep up with their desire to have it operate indoors with the same speed that it did outdoors. When there’s plenty of available light, they can shoot pictures with split-second rapidity. But, when it gets dark, they are often left waiting on their precision camera while its strobe recycles. Now, wait no more. As an OEM itself, Panasonic, the world’s largest battery manufacturer, knows how to meet demanding reliability and performance needs. But, as a consumerneeds....
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specs - Lithium Photocell Batteries Charging time (seconds)...

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