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Prep for Exam II. Physics 458. 1) See the picture (Figure 1) from problem 1 on the most recent homework/quiz set 7. The coordinate axis of the page is the y-z plane, with y the top of the page and z to the right. The first screen is located at z=0 and is illuminated with a laser beam of wave length 500 nm, directed in the z direction. The intensity of the laser is 2 1.0 mW mm Consider a Fresnel pattern on a second screen located at z=100 cm, behind the first screen. There is a slit in the first screen opening from 1 y = -1.175 mm to 2 y =+1.175 mm. a) Determine the intensity at y=0 on the second screen. b) Now modify the slit by blocking two regions, turning 1 slit into three smaller slits. Give the 6 new values of { , , , , , } a b c d e f y y y y y y that define the top and bottom of each of the three new slits such that the intensity on the second screen (again at the y=0 point) is maximized.
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