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Ch.1.1 aug 18 - C humanistic approach i basic premise...

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Psych 8/18/10 I. what is psychology? A. Scientific study of behaviors and mental processes i. scientific: uses systematic methods to observe and draw conclusions II. four goals of psychological science A. description: describe behavior or mental processes B. explanation: explain causes of behavior C. prediction: predict how people and animals will react D. control: control behavior III.psychological perspectives A. psychodynamic approach i. basic premise: unconscious motives and experiences in early childhood govern personality and mental disorders ii. Freud B. behavioral approach i. basic premise: only observerable events can be studied scientifically ii. Watson, study of consciousness, thoughts, feelings, etc should be abandoned a) Skinner continued the idea iii. Main area of study: how organisms learn new behaviors or change existing ones due to rewards or punishments
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Unformatted text preview: C. humanistic approach i. basic premise: humans are free, rational beings with potential for positive growth and are fundamentally different from other animals ii. Rogers, Maslow iii. believe people can have control over their biology and environment iv. believe people have a sense of self, while animals do not v. believe all people have fundamental desire to reach full potential D. biological approach i. basic premise: organism's functioning can be explained in terms of bodily structures and biochemical processes that underlie behavior ii. focuses on how our genes, hormones, and nervous system interact with the environment and on how this influences us E. cognitive approach i. basic premise: human behavior cannot be fully understood without examining how people acquire, store, and process information ii....
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