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Ch.1.1 aug 20 - F psychometrics G experimental psychology...

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8/20/10 I. psychological perspectives cont'd A. sociocultural approach i. basic premise: to understand human behavior we have to examine influences of social/cultural environment B. evolutionary approach i. basic premise: human behavior can be explained using evolutionary ideas such as adaptation, the drive to reproduce, and natural selection II. Main areas of research A. Physiological psychology B. developmental psychology C. Cognitive psychology D. personality psychology E. social psychology
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Unformatted text preview: F. psychometrics G. experimental psychology III.Applied Psychology A. Industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology; advise companies on behavior in workplace B. educational and school psychology: work with students, teachers, and principals in schools C. clinical and counseling psychology: both involves working with people who have mild to severe mental diseases i. counselors/therapists ii. clinical psychologists iii. psychiatrists...
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