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ch 1.2 aug 27

ch 1.2 aug 27 - C voluntary participation participant must...

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8/27/10 ch.1.? exam moved form 3 rd to 8 th ch. 2 connect due 3 rd do not need to read pg 70-74 1. experimental-group learns words while listening to music, control- group without music, iv- music, dv- memory 2. experimental- group woken up at various times, control- group allowed to sleep, iv- sleep, dv- how well they do on exam 3. ??? I. Placebo effect A. when participants expectations about the treatment affect their behavior B. placebo: harmless substance with no physiological effects given to participants in the II. ethics in psychological research A. institutional review board (IRB) review board at any federally funded institution responsible for reviewing all research to determine if it is ethical B. informed consent: research must be explained in detail before participant agrees to take part
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Unformatted text preview: C. voluntary participation: participant must agree and must understand they can quit at any time D. confidentiality/anonymity can only use date in ways specified, data should not be connected to participants' identities E. deception i. must have good reason i. has not been found to cause lasting harm ii. must be explained to participant after study B. debriefing: after study, participant must be given more details about study C. using animals in research i. only small % of psychological research (5-8%) ii. must have good reason iii. must justify any harm/pain to animal iv. must keep animals in good living conditions...
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