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ch. 1.2 aug 20

ch. 1.2 aug 20 - controlled or observed in a study ii...

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Ch 2.1 8/20/10 Research methods in psychology I. important to study psychology scientifically A. can't rely on “common sense”, anecdotal evidence B. Hindsight bias- tendency to believe, after learning the outcome, that one would have forseen it C. anecdotal evidence i. can't assume one person's experience applies to everyone ii. can't assume that anecdote is accurate II. steps of the scientific method A. step 1: prediction: formulate a hypothesis i. hypothesis: a tentative statement about relationship between two variables a) variables: any measurable conditions, events, characteristics, or behaviors that are
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Unformatted text preview: controlled or observed in a study ii. theory: a system of interrelated ideas used to explain observations a) organizes observations and ideas about a particular topic b) can be used to explain and predict behavior c) good theory= testable, falsifiable, and fits evidence iii. operational definitions: a statement that takes a theoretical construct and turns it into something can observe, measure or manipulate iv. replication: repeating a research study with different participants in different situations to see if the results are the same v....
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