7 ch5 - ch.5 learning I. learning A. Learning: i....

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ch.5 learning I. learning A. Learning: i. relatively permanent change in organism's behavior due to experience B. associative learning: i. learning that certain events go together C. conditioning i. process of learning associations D. three main types of learning i. classical conditioning ii. operant conditioning iii. observational learning II. classical conditioning A. ivan pavlov in 1903 B. type of learning in which a stimulus acquires the capacity to produce a response that was originally produced b y another stimulus C. unconditioned stimulus (UCS) i. stimulus that naturally/automatically triggers a response ii. Pavlov: meat powder D. unconditioned response (UCR) i. the unlearned, naturally occurring response to the UCS ii. Pavlov:salivating after meat powder E. conditioned stimulus (CS) i. previously neutral stimulus that after association with an UCS comes to trigger a response ii. Pavlov bell F. conditioned response (CR) i. learned response to a previously neutral CS ii. Pavlov: salivating after bell G. originally UCS and UCR are paired together naturally i. meat powder=salivating H. also, the CS causes no response i. bell=nothing I. during conditioning UCS and CS are presented together in time leading to the UCR i. bell then meat powder = salivating J. eventually, the CS can produce a CR all by itself i. bell = salivating III.Other terms of Classical Conditioning A. acquisition: the initial stage of learning, when response is established and strengthened i. when CS comes to cause CR to happen a) Pavlov: when dogs began salivating to bell B. extinction: the diminishing of a conditioned response i. stop pairing UCS with CS and eventually CS stops causing CR
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7 ch5 - ch.5 learning I. learning A. Learning: i....

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