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Ch. 14 stress, coping, and health I. what is stress? A. Any circumstances that threaten your well-being or tax your resources B. four main categories II. four main categories A. frustration: occurs when pursuit of a goal is thwarted i. you want something but you can't have it B. conflict: occurs when you have two or more incompatible needs or motives i. levels of internal conflict are positively correlated with anxiety, depression, physical symptoms ii. 3 types: a) approach- approach: choosing between desirable goals b) avoidance-avoidance: choosing between undesirable goals c) approach-avoidance: strong desire to approach and avoid the same goal C. change: noticeable alterations in your living circumstances that require adjustment i. ii. Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) measures stress by assigning value to 43 life events a) high number = more stress b) higher SRRS score correlated with vulnerability to physical/mental illnesses
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