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/* * * Author: <your name> * Last edited: <last edited date, or date of submission> * * Purpose: This program helps the user figure out when he or she * will eat the most delicious meal in their life based off their * gender, name, and day of birth. The user inputs the information * just stated and the program uses that information along with * several equations to calculate the day they will eat the most * meal of their life. * * Statement of Academic Honesty: * * The following code represents my own work. I have neither * received nor given inappropriate assistance. I have not copied * or modified code from any source other than the course webpage * or the course textbook. I recognize that any unauthorized * assistance or plagiarism will be handled in accordance with * the University of Georgia's Academic Honesty Policy and the * policies of this course. */ * import java.util.Scanner; public class BestMeal { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner keyboard=new Scanner (;
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BestMeal - /* * * Author: &lt;your name&gt; *...

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