PersonDriver - /* * PersonDriver: * * * * */ A driver class...

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/** * PersonDriver: A driver class to test * the functionality of the class * Person and learn how to split the main method * into sub-taks implemented as private static methods * in the driver class. */ import java.util.Scanner; i public class PersonDriver { p public static void main(String[] args) { p // // Creates Three Persons // System.out.println("Person #1"); Person person1 = new Person(getPersonName(),getPersonAge()); P System.out.println("\nPerson #2"); Person person2 = new Person(getPersonName(),getPersonAge()); P System.out.println("Person #3"); Person person3 = new Person(getPersonName(),getPersonAge()); P // Update each Person's age by adding 10 years. person1.setAge(person1.getAge()+10); person2.setAge(person2.getAge()+10); person3.setAge(person3.getAge()+10); System.out.println("After 10 years. ..\nStatistics:\n"); S System.out.println(Person.avgAge()); // Display the average age among all the Persons // by calling the static method avgAge of the class Person / System.out.println(Person.minAge());
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PersonDriver - /* * PersonDriver: * * * * */ A driver class...

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