SequenceGame - /* * * Author: Christopher...

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/* * * Author: Christopher Golubski * Last edited: 10/15/2010 * * Purpose: The purpose of this program is to allow the * user the opportunity to play a "smart game." The java * code generates a sequence of numbers based off what level * of difficulty the user chose. The level of difficulty also * determines how many attempts the user has to guess what the next * term in the sequence is. If the user does not guess what the * next term is correctly, the game ends and the code supplies the * user with the correct term and the equation it comes with. After * first round ends, the user has the option to either play again or quit. * Once they quit, the user is presented with a summary of how many * games they played, how many games they won, and their win * percentage based off the games they played. * * Statement of Academic Honesty: * * The following code represents my own work. I have neither * received nor given inappropriate assistance. I have not copied * or modified code from any source other than the course webpage
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This note was uploaded on 11/15/2010 for the course CSCI 01209 taught by Professor Storm during the Fall '10 term at UGA.

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SequenceGame - /* * * Author: Christopher...

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