ZombieSurvival - /* * ZombieSurvival.java * Author:...

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/* * ZombieSurvival.java * Author: Christopher Golubski * Last edited: 09/10/2010 * * Purpose: This project allowed me to use all the skills I obtained * from the labs I have done in the past month to create a program that * will ensure my buyer's agents the preparedness they will need for * an upcoming disaster. The knowledge I used on this project includes * information about strings, methods, variables, and anything else * programming wise. This project was definitely a good learning * experience/boost for me since I did not have an instructor or any * instructions to help me out. I feel that by doing this project, * I have become more confident in my abilities to program. * * Statement of Academic Honesty: * * The following code represents my own work. I have neither * received nor given inappropriate assistance. I have not copied * or modified code from any source other than the course webpage * or the course textbook. I recognize that any unauthorized * assistance or plagiarism will be handled in accordance with
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ZombieSurvival - /* * ZombieSurvival.java * Author:...

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