project 1 instructions

project 1 instructions - CSCI 1301 Project 1 Due Date:...

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Unformatted text preview: CSCI 1301 Project 1 Due Date: 09/10/2010 @ midnight This project will allow you to apply your knowledge of variables, assignments, expressions, input, output, and basic algorithm design. The program can be completed using assignment statements, output, and input statements. You are free, however, to use any language features you wish. You've been recruited for a short consulting job by a mysterious man in a trench coat. He claims to work for an unnamed 3-letter agency that's preparing its agents for a coming disaster. On behalf of the agency, the mysterious man wants you to write a simple java program the field agents can use to calculate much needed information during the crisis. He hands you a paper with an example run of the program as well as listing the formulas needed to get the correct results. A sample run of your program should look like this: ****** TOP SECRET ****** Zombie Apocalypse Survival Program 1.0 Enter the area of infection: THE EARTH Enter the population of THE EARTH before infection: 6900000000 Enter the average zombie infection rate: 0.989 Enter the average shotgun blasts needed to kill 1 zombie: 3.0 ****** ANALYSIS ****** Population: Total number of zombies: 6824100000...
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project 1 instructions - CSCI 1301 Project 1 Due Date:...

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