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Unformatted text preview: mpling Advantage Advantage: The sample usually will be easier to select than it would be if simple random sampling were used. Example Example: Selecting every 100th listing in a telephone book after the first randomly selected listing. Disadvantage arises if the elements are ordered in a Disadvanta way that is related to study. Slide 31 31 Convenience Convenience Sampling It It is a nonprobability sampling technique. Items are included in the sample without known probabilities of being selected. The The sample is identified primarily by convenience. Advantage Advantage: Sample selection and data collection are relatively easy. Disadvantage Disadvantage: It is impossible to determine how representative of the population the sample is. Example Example: A professor conducting research might use student volunteers to constitute a sample. Slide 32 Judgment Judgment Sampling The The person most knowledgeable on the subject of the study selects elements of the population that he or she feels are most representative of the populati...
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