F statistic r2 others are my theories correct does

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Unformatted text preview: rofit of each NFL team for each of 20 years Slide 39 13 Step #3: Estimate Model • Quantitative procedures • Best guesses of parameters PROFIT = α + β MKTSIZE + ε • Estimated to be to PROFIT = 12,000,000 + 225,000 MKTSIZE 12,000,000 225,000 Slide 40 Step #4: Test Hypotheses • How good is my model? – F statistic – R2 – others • Are my theories correct? – Does MKTSIZE affect PROFIT? • Examine relationships – As MKTSIZE rises, PROFIT does what? – How much does PROFIT change as MKTSIZE changes? Slide 41 Step #5: Interpret Results • What does it all mean? • Transl...
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