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Ideally each cluster is a representative small scale

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Unformatted text preview: o separate groups (subsets of elements called clusters (subsets of population). • Ideally, each cluster is a representative small-scale smallversion of the population (i.e. heterogeneous groups groups). • Contrast “heterogeneous groups” vs. “homogeneous groups” in Stratified Random Sampling A simple random sample of the clusters is then taken. simple All All elements within each sampled (chosen) cluster form the sample. … continued Slide 26 26 Cluster Sampling Advantage Advantage: The close proximity of elements can be cost effective (i.e. many sample observations can be obtained in a short time). Disadvantage Disadvantage: This method generally requires a larger total sample size than simple or stratified random sampling. Example Example: A primary application is area sampling, where clusters are city blocks or other well-defined wellareas. Slide 27 9 Stratified Random Sampling vs. Cluster Sampling Stratified Stratified Random Sampling • Works best for any population with identifiable su...
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