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Unformatted text preview: 4 Data Elements, Elements, Variables, and Observations Qualitative Qualitative and Quantitative Data CrossCross-Sectional and Time Series Data Population Population • The entire group that you want to understand • parameter – numerical characteristic of pop. Sample Sample • Subset of population • statistic – numerical characteristic of sample Slide 5 Data and Data Sets Data Data are the facts and figures that are collected, summarized, analyzed, and interpreted. (in orange) The The data collected in a particular study are referred to as the data set. (inside yellow box) Stock Exchange AMEX OTC NYSE NYSE AMEX Annual Earn/ Sales($M) Sh.($) 73.10 74.00 365.70 111.40 17.60 0.86 1.67 0.86 0.33 0.13 Slide 6 Company Dataram EnergySouth Keystone LandCare Psychemedics 2 Elements, Variables, and Observations The The elements are the entities on which data are collected. • Alternatively: unit of observation A variable is a characteristic of interest for the variable elements. The The set of measurements collected for a particular element element is called an obse...
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